Dutch Ship Lamp Manufacturers

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Industria Rotterdam

Industria Rotterdam was a Dutch manufacturer that produced lamps from 1920 to 2011. One of the features that made them special was that they chose to be customization specialists instead of just another mass producer of ship lamps. This could not be said of their famous competitor: Philips.

The company originated as a 'brass and bronze foundry. Thanks to their uniqueness and high material quality, they became very famous in the Industry. They started in 1920 in the Rotterdam district Kralingen at the 'Wollefoppenstraat no. 69-71'. Later they renamed to 'Industria Technical Lighting.'

Industria Rotterdam mainly manufactured lighting for both on- and below-deck. Although they did also fabricate ship navigation lighting between the 1950s and 1980s.

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Den Haan Rotterdam

Den Haan Rotterdam has been active in the production and sale of ship lamps since 1922 and is still doing so today, almost 100 years later. It is exceptional that after all these years, this company is still a family business; as the fourth generation is now working within DHR.

Den Haan Rotterdam was founded in 1922 by Marinus den Haan. They were active as tinsmiths, focusing on boat and ship equipment. It was only after a few years when they started to produce ship lamps.

One of the main reasons Den Haan Rotterdam is still in business after all these years is thanks to their ability to be flexible. They adjusted their products based on the needs and demands of the market.

In the 1960s, they adjusted the ship's lamps and released some new models, mainly intended to sell as decorative ship lamps. These are still sold today all over the world. In the 1970s, they had to compete with the enormous influx of ship lamps from China; thus, they brought an affordable but high-quality plastic ship lamp onto the market.

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Fa Zock Dordrecht

As a coppersmith's shop, Fa Zock was founded by Ph. Zock in 1900 in Dordrecht, Holland. It was a large manufacturer of ship lights. Unfortunately, they didn't mark their ship lights, only with stickers. As we know, stickers get damaged and/or lost, resulting in only few people being aware of their existence. 

In 1911 they were located at Voorstraat 101. In 1960 they were found on the corner of Blijenhoek, Rietdijk.

They probably closed during the sixties or seventies. At this time, more and more cast iron and plastic ship lamps were produced; Zock did not want to go along with this and continued to make brass and copper ship lamps. This inevitably led to them losing versus the competition and closing their shop.

F.J. Kloos Rotterdam

This manufacturer of ship lamps also made other ship attributes, such as compasses, gauges (Altazimuth), and sextants. F.J. Kloos Rotterdam was active from the end of the 19th century to probably somewhere mid-20th century. Over the years, the company was renamed to F.J. Kloos & zoon. 'Zoon' means 'son' in Dutch.

B. Klip Rotterdam


So far, little information is known about B. Klip.
B. Klip was a manufacturer from Rotterdam, Netherlands, located at Zalmhaven 13-15.

Van den Berg’s Victualiënhandel,  Leeuwarden

There is no information about Van den Berg's Victualiënhandel either. A victualiënhandel is a company that supplies ships, similar to a grocery store. Thus, they likely did not manufacture the lamps by themselves but sold them with their name on them.

Fa. W. Homeijer Jr. Amsterdam

Fa. W. Homeijer was also a manufacturer of ship lights from Amsterdam, a ship's coppersmith's shop. So far, I haven't been successful in finding more information about them.

Navigator N.V. Amsterdam

Navigator N.V. Amsterdam was another Dutch manufacturer mainly known for its compasses. They also produced a limited amount of navigation lights. Not much information can be found about this company either.