Superb XXL authentic ship lamp, N.U.C. from R.C. Murray


Superb XXL authentic ship lamp, N.U.C. from R.C. Murray.
Complete and in very good condition, most likely it was in the hold and they never needed it.

From the brand R.C. Murray from Scotland, also marked with Lampads, which R.C. Murray used to mark his lamps with, and with an inspection number.

This ship lamp has a few unique features.
The reservoir has a double wick holder with a slide, by means of a slide you turn off the oil lamp.
A very nice logo is printed on the glass, presumably produced specifically for anchor lights.
The red insert is from Perspex, this is quite special and I have not seen it before.

Lamp type: Table lamp, pendant lamp, oil lamp
Height: 56 cm
Diameter: 33 cm
Weight: 9500 grams
Equipped with new fuses
The lamp has been used little, chimney turns a bit red, blue, this can be cleaned very easily.

Can be well packaged and shipped, preference is given to insured shipping. Risk of shipping otherwise for the buyer. The lamp can of course also be picked up in Hoevelaken, near Amersfoort.