Old authentic ship's lamp, Starboard, complete


Beautiful old starboard ship lamp, in complete condition.
Presumably 1940s-50s.

Marked Stuurboord, Starboard, glass in very good condition. Very special is that it has glass by C.B. LTD. England, Change Brothers, most ship lamps from the Netherlands have glass from Genthe Glas.

With approval number R74965. So inspected in Rotterdam. It can sometimes take a few days to respond to messages.

Lamp type: Table lamp, Wall lamp
Height excluding bracket: 52 cm.
Width: 30 cm
Weight: 5890 grams
Petroleum-powered, with a new fuse and including pull glass.
Holders containing the reservoir have some rust, and the reservoir is a bit difficult to get in and out.

Originally there was a red insert, unfortunately, this is no longer included.


Can be well packaged and shipped, preference is given to insured shipping. Risk of shipping otherwise for the buyer.

The lamp can of course also be picked up in Hoevelaken, near Amersfoort.


Optionally, in most cases, adjustments can be made to the length and color of the cord. Please contact us if you wish.