DHR wall lamp, ship lamp, with yellow crackle glass


Beautiful and decorative ship lamp by DHR, Den Haan Rotterdam.

Provides light around as well as through the ground.
Copper, but with patina. The yellow crackle glass is special, which spreads the light very nicely.
In addition, nice detail on the wall bracket of the steering wheel.

From the brand DHR, presumably from the 1960s/1970s.

Lamp type: Wall lamp
Height excluding handle: 30cm
Diameter: 24 cm
Weight: 2000 grams
Fitting: New E27 fitting
Cord: Bronze colored cord with switch
Light source: Including non-dimmable LED lamp of 2 Watt
Grounded: Yes
Strain relief: Yes
Comments: The bracket around the lamp is a bit loose, but not visible/disturbing. Two cap nuts on the back, not original.

Can be well packaged and shipped, preference is given to insured shipping. Risk of shipping otherwise for the buyer. The lamp can of course also be picked up in Hoevelaken, near Amersfoort.

Optionally, in most cases, adjustments can be made to the length and color of the cord. Please contact us if you wish.